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Cutter Tips
Can my cutters be resharpened?
  Blair cutting tools cannot be resharpened. To maximize your tool life, always use lubricant and the correct RPM for the size of cutter you are using. Drilling a hole with too fast or too slow of RPM and a weak feed rate will dramatically reduce your tool life.
Tips for using Blair sheet metal hole cutters.
Blair makes premium high quality cutting tools. Proper use will result in long tool life and unprecedented hole making speed. With so many different materials and situations in which Blair tools can be used there is no one standard procedure for making a hole. But there are some basic guidelines to follow that will help you achieve the best result. When in doubt contact Blair Technical Service at (810) 635-7111.
  • Mark your hole with a center punch.
  • Always use Blair Stick lubricant. This will increase you tool life and cutting speed.
  • Use the correct RPM's for your cutter size.
  • Use a strong steady feed rate. Too light of feed rate will dull the cutter. Too heavy will break it.
  • Make sure a good chip is being pulled from the hole. Especially in thicker material. If there is excessive vibration and bouncing of the cutter, stop and re-evaluate your RPM and feed rate.
  • For hand held drills, start into the hole with a light/medium feed rate, once a cutting groove is established increase feed pressure.
  • Do not rock the cutter during drilling or approach the surface at an angle your cutter may break.
  • For diameters larger than 1" a drill press is recommended.
  • Do not use a dull or broken cutter.
  • Always use washers on the arbors.
  • Be careful when using an air drill or other high speed tool. At excessive RPM's the cutting edges can easily be ruined.